Linguine with Chipotle and Red Pepper Sauce

3 T. OLIVE MILL Arbequina oil                    
1 lb. linguine
1 ½ large red onions, thinly sliced             
¼ cup chopped fresh parsley
2 red bell peppers, thinly sliced                                
2 T. OLIVE MILL Serrano Chili Honey Balsamic
1/3 cup dry Sherry                                                                          
2 garlic cloves
1 cup freshly grated Manchego cheese
1 t. minced canned chipotle chilies

Heat oil in skillet over high heat.  Add onion, peppers sautéing until onions are brown, about 15 minutes.  Stir in sherry, peppers and garlic.  Simmer until liquid evaporates.  Cook linguine in pot of boiling water until tender, stirring occasionally.  Drain, reserving ¼ cup cooking liquid.   Return pasta to pot.  Add pepper mixture, parsley, balsamic, chilies and reserved cooking liquid.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Divide among bowl. Top with cheese.

Serrano Chili Honey Balsamic

This vinegar has the fiery heat from the Serrano chili, but also has sweetness from the honey adding a delicious, distinct flavor to salads, sauces, seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes.

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