Endive & Gorgonzaola Salad

¼ cup walnuts
3 T. OLIVE MILL Red Apple Balsamic
2 t. honey
2 T. OLIVE MILL olive oil
3 Belgian endives
1 Granny Smith apple
¼ c. crumbled gorgonzola cheese (1 oz.)
1 t. minced chives

Preheat oven to 350. In a shallow baking pan toast walnuts in middle of oven until fragrant, about 10 minutes and cool. Chop walnuts. In a small bowl, whisk together vinegar and honey, add oil whisking thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper. Separate 4 outer leaves from each endive and arrange 3 leaves on each of 4 plates. Cut remaining endive crosswise into ¼" thick slices and put in a large bowl. Peel apple, thinly slice, then cut julienne style. Toss endive with dressing and divide among plates, mounding on whole leaves. Top salads with gorgonzola, walnuts, apple, chives.

Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar

This red apple balsamic vinegar has an enticing aroma and a delicate, crisp apple flavor.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oregano, a shrub native to the Mediterranean, has been delightfully infused with extra virgin olive oil.