Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta - Serves 4

OLIVE MILL Porcini oil
24 oz. mixed wild mushrooms, wiped clean
4 garlic cloves, two chopped and two halved
4 springs fresh thyme, leaves picked
4 springs fresh parsley, leaves picked
Sea salt and pepper
2 dried red chilis, crumbled
Lemon juice
4 slices sourdough bread

In large frying pan, add 1-2 T. oil and spread mushrooms in single layer. Add chopped garlic, herbs, salt, pepper and chilis. Stir to mix and sauté mushrooms (if mixture becomes dry, add more oil.) Once they are browned squeeze lemon juice and water and toss again for a creamy sauce to coat your mushrooms. Toast bread and rub remaining garlic on bread. Pile the mushrooms and juices from the pan on top and dig in!

Porcini Mushroom Extra Virgin...

This is one fantastic oil! Rich, earthy flavor notes with a wonderful aroma of porcini mushrooms! Made in Italy by a small producer who closely guards his secret for steeping porcini mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil.