Hawaiian Pesto

Quick garnish to serve over chicken or fish!

1 cup packed cilantro, fresh
½ cup chopped macadamia nuts
3 oz. parmesan cheese, grated
6 chopped scallions
2 T. ginger
2 T. lemon juice
1 clove garlic
1 t. OLIVE MILL sesame oil
½ t. salt
½ c. OLIVE MILL Macadamia Nut oil.

Combine all ingredients except oil in food processor. While running add oil.

Macadamia Crusted Snapper
Recipe from recipezaar.com

4-6 oz. red snapper fillets
Salt and pepper
½ cup flour
2 eggs beaten
3T. OLIVE MILL macadamia nut oil
1 cup macadamia nuts, finely chopped
Season fillets in salt and pepper, then dredge in flour. Dip the fillets in egg and press macadamia nuts into each side. Heat oil and cook fillets in the oil for about 2 minutes per side until done.

Cut fruit such as apples, peaches, bananas and pineapple and place on skewers. Brush with macadamia oil and grill until brown. Serve.

Substitute in baking for butter or shortening. Great in pancakes or waffles.

Sauté veggies or drizzle on popcorn.


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